Saturday, September 19, 2015

Handmade Artist Feature - September 2015

 Handmade Artist Feature


Vitko: We would like to welcome The Bluebird Studio!  We absolutely love your rustic and shabby chic wedding items.  What gave you the inspiration to create those gorgeous bouquets and clutches?

Bluebird: Thank you so much for having's a true pleasure being featured on your blog!  My mom and I run The Bluebird Studio together and have always had some sort of project in the works , so Etsy became a great avenue for offering our handmade items to an even wider market.  We're mostly inspired by simple rustic, raw materials that can easily be turned into chic styles. The peony flowers seen on most of our products happen to be my favorite flower in nature, and furthered my inspiration for bringing it to life on our products.  Once I learned how to make a lasting version from fabric,  it has since become  one of our signature style elements. 

Vitko: After you decided to open a shop on Etsy, how quickly did your first item sell, and what was it?

Bluebird: We opened  in October 2011, and sold our first item in January 2012.  It was a piece of jewelry made from vintage fabric, so in reality we didn't actually start as a wedding shop.  That focus came from many late nights of trial and error making patterns until the product ideas began forming.  The following winter we sold our first burlap sash & clutch and so the wedding business was born!

Vitko: Since then, your shop has done very well in the wedding category!  What has been your most consistently popular item?

Bluebird: It's been quite an exciting journey and we're so grateful for it. Our most popular item from the start is what, behind the scenes, we call the “classic” clutch with our signature peony flower and burlap leaves.  We haven't gotten an exact count, but we've shipped over 2,000 of them with destinations ranging from the foothills of Montana, to the shores of the Outer Banks, and the streets of Paris!

Vitko: How exciting!  As a maker, it is always fascinating to think of all the people scattered around the world who are using something that you personally handmade for them.  Do you have any other shops?

Bluebird: We do indeed!  Our other shop is  “1295 Maple Avenue”,  where we offer  rustic farmhouse style home décor and gifts.  We use the same materials as The Bluebird Studio, but it's home products versus wedding  items.  

Vitko: What is one of your favorite handmade shops on Etsy?

Bluebird: Oh, there are so many unique shops it's difficult to choose, but I am a big fan of “NelleDesign” for her stunning handcrafted pottery.  And “VitkoDesigns” is also a favorite. ;)

Vitko:  Haha, thank you.  Nelle Design is a favorite of mine as well, she has a gorgeous shop.  One last question, do you have any sneak peeks you could share with us? 

Bluebird: Yes, I'd love to! Here's a peek at a couple of new designs coming soon.  I'm also an “Instagrammer” and try to post behind the scene views and upcoming products often :) @TheBluebirdStudio 

Vitko: How beautiful...that kelly green flower is stunning on the clutch.  Thanks so much for sharing your talent and taking us on a tour of the progression of your shop through the years!  We're looking forward to seeing what comes next for you!

Bluebird: Thank you kindly for inviting us!  We've enjoyed sharing our Etsy experience with you.  :)