Monday, August 10, 2015

Handmade Artist Feature - August 2015

 Handmade Artist Feature 


 For our first monthly shop feature, we sat down with the owners of Vintage Look Creations, a popular handmade shop on Etsy.

          Welcome to our blog, Vintage Look Creations!  We're happy to have you.  We just love your unique crocheted and knit items.  How long have you been crocheting and knitting?

VLC: Hi there! Thank you so much for inviting me to your blog! I've been crocheting for over 25 years, mostly as  a hobby; crocheting blankets and other gifts for friends and family, up until about 4 years ago when I opened my shop on Etsy. :-) Both of my daughters crochet as well, and contribute to the shop, and all the knit items in my shop are made by my oldest daughter.

          After you decided to open a shop on Etsy, how quickly did your first item sell? 

VLC: I opened my shop on Oct. 6, 2011, and I sold my first item on Nov. 23, 2011. The first sale was a pair of Lime Green Crochet Legwarmers, which I still have for sale in my shop today, along with many other color options. :-) 

          Since then, your shop has really taken off!  Nearly 2,000 sales later, what has been your most popular item so far? 

VLC: Yes, I am very thankful for the good response we have had with our products! The legwarmers really kept us busy for the first year, and then the second year we introduced our Bow Infinity Scarf, which since then has become our most popular item by far.  

          What was the inspiration behind that piece? 

VLC: The inspiration actually came from a bow headband that we were already making and selling in our shop. The idea just came to mind "What if I made a scarf that's like a giant bow headband around your neck?!" :-D And as we looked around on Etsy, we saw that no one was making  anything like it, so decided to give it a try! Thus was created the Original Crochet Bow Infinity Scarf! :-) 

          Do you have any other shops? 

VLC: Yes! I also have a shop just for vintage treasures, like classic books, small vintage figurines and collectibles, board games, hats, etc. The shop's name is TimesTreasureChest, you can check it out here: 

          Do you have any sneak peeks you could share with us of new items coming to VLC for fall/winter?   

VLC: Absolutely, I love sneak peeks! ;-) We have been working on lots of new designs throughout  this summer, and I'll slowly be  adding them to the shop as fall approaches, so keep checking back to see all of them! ;-) I post fun behind the scenes pictures and sneak peeks on my Instagram @vintagelookcreations daily.  Below is a picture of one of the new designs we will be adding soon:

          Thank you so much for sharing your talent with us and giving us a glimpse into your creative process!  We're looking forward to seeing what comes next in your lovely shop. 

VLC: Thank YOU so much for featuring our shop and our story! :-)